The following petition which sums up the aims of our Campaign has been circulated to a range of political figures and academics. So far, it has received backing from 17 prominent professors of economics; several members of national parliaments including the current Chairman of the British Labour Party; a number of Members of the European Parliament including the President of the European United Left/Nordic Green Left parliamentary group; journalists and writers; plus many activists from a wide range of mass political parties.

Our Statement
“We, the undersigned, recognise that the global crisis of 2008, and the massive banking scandals that have followed it, prove that the existing financial sector is a corrupt, crisis-ridden and undemocratic industry serving the interests of a tiny, super-rich elite. We therefore welcome a campaign to replace it with a viable democratic public banking service that is stable, honest and transparent; positively contributes to economic development; and is directly accountable to its customers, staff and the wider community.”

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