Achieving a democratic public banking service nationally or internationally will take time and considerable effort. But we know we start with a lot of support on our side. It’s a question of reaching out, listening to and involving people and their organisations. To this end, we will be holding a series of public meetings around Europe in the first half of 2018.

The purpose of the meetings is to start to interact with bank staff, radical economists, progressive consumer and small business organisations, political movements, relevant pressure groups and so on. Through this we hope to be able to build a grassroots membership/affiliated bodies organisation.

This will be followed by the use of online media and specialist discussion forums to identify and evaluate ideas for a democratic public banking service.

In the longer term we are looking forward to organise a sizeable Conference in Brussels in order to discuss and agree on the main principles of how a democratic public banking service could work.

This would be followed by national and international campaigning to build mass support among the population, commit community and political organisations to the campaign’s principles, and publicly establish a democratic public banking service as the main alternative to the current broken financial system.